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Appreciation of nature and public involvement in conservation are the only way our natural environment will survive. This is why many wildlife carers have devoted much of their efforts towards public education.

Raptor Presentations Site

My business Raptor Presentations provides interactive talks and activities with an environmental theme. Many of my presentations focus on raptors. You get to see live, non-releasable raptors up close! I run this business as a sole trader, with much of my income used to fund Perth Raptor Care.

Raptors are a fascinating group of birds. They are often found at the top of their food chain, and they can reflect environmental health. Their phenomenal eyesight and powerful flight are legendary. Yet, they are still persecuted by people today out of ignorance. My presentations aim to foster a respect and fascination for raptors, as well as the natural environment.

Children meet Miranda Goshawk

I also help raise funds for the Society for the Preservation of Raptors Inc. A display, including live raptors, is available for fairs or convention type events. A donation is required to cover costs and help fund raptor rehabilitation. Enquiries can be made by contacting the Society for the Preservation of Raptors Inc.

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