Perth Raptor Care

Swamp Harrier Circus approximans

Characteristics in Captivity

Similar to the Spotted Harrier and the hawks in that it is jumpy and can do some damage with those feet when cornered. This is the more common species of the two, and is more of a 'typical' harrier. It often sits on the ground, and in the wild this is where it nests. Aviaries should take this into account and provide foliage or hiding places at ground level, as well as the usual tree perches.

Hunting Strategies

Harriers use their extra long wings to soar over grasslands near swampy areas. Their long legs are used to reach through foliage to catch prey. This includes lizards, birds frogs and small mammals.


A variety of foods can be fed in captivity, including mice and day old chicks.


Female : 740 - 1080g. Male : 530 - 740g.

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