Perth Raptor Care

Spotted Harrier Circus assimilis

Characteristics in Captivity

These birds remind me of large long-legged goshawks. They have a similar jumpy nature. As with hawks, you must be careful not to get footed, and the long legs give these guys extra range. In an aviary situation, they may choose to perch on the ground.

Hunting Strategies

Harriers are searchers. They have extra long wings that allow them to glide with little effort over long grasses. They use their long legs to reach through the foliage. A facial ruff a little like an owl's indicates that hearing may be important in their hunting.

Harriers are powerful predators and will take ducks and rabbits in addition to smaller prey.


Food in long term captivity should include some larger animals like quail, small rabbit or week old chicken as well as the usual staples of mice and day old chickens.


Female : 705 - 725g. Male : 477 - 537g.

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