Perth Raptor Care

Little Eagle Hieraaetus morphnoides

Light phase Little Eagle

Characteristics in Captivity

These true eagles have variable personalities. Some are so stressed out they try to self destruct by leaping around at the sight of you. Others settle much better, but they are still nervous and a tail sheath is a very good idea. Occasionally they take a while to self feed.

Hunting Strategies

Little Eagles are powerful hunters, and will use strategy to sneak up on prey. They have an eagle sized (slow) metabolism, so that sitting in a tree all day waiting for an unwary animal to come past is also good way to survive. Small rabbits and similar sized mammals are their favourite food, but they also take medium sized lizards and less often, birds. Occasionally they eat insects or carrion.


Rabbit is a good food, but these birds will do well on any diet. In long term captivity, they need medium sized animals on a regular basis.


Female : 890 - 1199g. Male : 500 - 810g.

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