Perth Raptor Care

Australian Kestrel Falco cenchroides

Male Kestrel

Characteristics in Captivity

They can be quite jumpy and petrified. Many will quickly get used to you and adopt their typical defiant attitude. They are tough little birds, and because of their hunting strategies, they can survive with a small handicap. Personalities vary greatly, but if not overwhelmed with fear, they do tend to adapt well.

Hunting Strategies

The Kestrel is one of our two "hovering" raptors. They position themselves into the wind, and can use little adjustments to wings and tail to maintain their vantage point mid-air. These little falcons will also hunt from a perch that gives a good view of the ground below. They hunt anything up to the size of a large mouse on the ground, including reptiles and insects. They favour open grassy country, so are found everywhere that clearing has occurred.


In captivity, mice are the perfect food, though day old chicks can be used as a large part of the diet. If you are able to breed or buy captive crickets, these are also a good food source.
Pre-fledgeling Kestrel


Female : 140 - 252g. Male : 115 - 217g.

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