Perth Raptor Care

Brown Falcon Falco berigora

Characteristics in Captivity

Brown Falcons are 'different'. They just don't fit the normal falcon mold! Compared to other falcons, they are noisy, bitey and mischievous. Somehow, they make those traits endearing. If I had to pick a raptor that reminded me of a parrot, this would be it.

These birds have a lot of spirit, and are able to pull through some pretty bad stuff as long as they want to. They seem to twig to the idea that you aren't there to eat them quickly, but can sometimes be stubborn about letting you help them. They may be able to cope with mild handicap in the wild through sheer personality.

Hunting Strategies

Browns are specialists of ground prey, and have the stubby toes and long legs to prove it. They take anything up to the size of small rabbits, but generally hunt rat size animals. A large part of their diet is reptiles, including snakes. This may be why they have such tough leg scales, stubby toes and a light wing loading. Their rounded wings are large in proportion to their body, which allows them to lift off easily and quickly, unlike most other falcons. They will take small birds given half a chance.


Day old chicks or mice suit them just fine in captivity, though they enjoy occasional changes to this diet.


Female : 460 - 840g. Male : 350 - 610g.

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