Perth Raptor Care

Boobook Owl Ninox boobook

Young Boobook

Characteristics in Captivity

Boobooks are fiery fierce characters. If you mistake their threatening glare for a cute face, your fingers will regret it. These are the nocturnal equivalent of the kestrel, and are just as tough and adaptable. Because of their insect diet and hunting strategies, they can be released with slight handicaps.

Hunting Strategies

Unlike the Tyto (masked) owls, Boobooks rely heavily on sight to hunt. They can catch insects mid-air as well as on the ground. They also eat small lizards and mice. They are more likely to be active at dusk and just before dawn when there is twilight, or on moonlit nights. Some also favour street lights that attract flying insects.


Mice are ideal as a captive diet, and they also do OK on day old chicks. Captive bred crickets may also be appreciated.


170 - 360g.

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