Perth Raptor Care

Barking Owl Ninox connivens

Characteristics in Captivity

If the captive Barking Owls from the North and East are anything to go by, these are fierce owls with extra attitude. The South-West Barker has not been seen in the last few decades, so if you get one in, let everyone know! They are supposedly larger and darker than Barking Owls from other areas. The cause of their decline is unknown, though loss of hollows for nesting, and disappearance of crepuscular mammals may be contributors.

Hunting Strategies

I suspect these owls will take mammals up to the size of a small rabbit, as well as reptiles and roosting birds. Like their relative the Boobook, they are more vision oriented, and hunt at dawn and dusk.


Mice, day old chicks and pieces of rabbit and other foods suit these guys in captivity.


425 - 510g.

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